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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why I Self-Published

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1. I No Longer Write For Adults
My first three novels were written for the adult market. One and two were romantic comedies, and the third, THROWN, was a suspense novel. Now, I write for kids and teens.
2. It was a Business Decision
I recently heard an agent warn that you should not self-publish just because you’ve been turned down by every agent in America. I can happily say that this novel was only turned down four times. (That’s nothing in publishing!) I decided not to pursue an agent for this book because I no longer write for adults. (See number 1.) I was only interested in agents who rep kid-lit authors and those agents were not interested in my adult novels.

3. A Stranger Loved This Book
Here’s what an agent sent me in an e-mail… “Just a quick note to let you know my intern is reading THROWN and really loving it. I am going to try to dig in this week and be back to you with thoughts.” Yes, the agent turned it down. But still, someone loved it and I hope this book finds its audience.

4. I Have High Hopes
I have high hopes that I’ll earn enough to cover my monthly Starbucks tab. I’m very realistic about what most self-published authors earn.

5. I Wanted to Design My Own Cover
I modeled the cover off of Lisa Gardner’s books. I learned a lot about Photoshop—like I can waste three hours choosing a font.

6. It’s Fun
From making the cover (see number 5), to selecting the price, to rereading/editing something I finished over a year ago, I enjoyed the journey. There’s something rewarding about controlling all aspects of your project. Unlike children, who grow up and you have less and less control.

Final Thoughts:
Remember, Amazon Prime members can read THROW for free. (And I still make money.)
If you do read the book (and enjoy it), please review it on Amazon. If you don’t like it, you can send me a scathing e-mail.

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