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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 Random Questions with Jean Reagan

Jean has written an adorable picture book that my family can't get enough of. My five-year-old loves the humor and the silly artwork (illustrated by Lee Wildish). We can't wait for Poppy to visit so we can share this wonderful book.

To learn more about Jean, check out her website.

 7 Random Questions with Jean Reagan

1-What’s the last book you bought?
And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin E. Stead.  I bought it for my daughter's 25th birthday 'cause I always give her a picture book in addition to something more "age appropriate!"

2-If you had to dedicate your book to a thing (and not a person), what would that thing be?
A canoe.  Each summer I serve as a wilderness volunteer ranger in Grand Teton National Park and I patrol by hiking and by canoeing. 
3-What’s an interesting tidbit readers might not know about you or your books?
There's a photo on my website of Katherine Paterson reading to my sister and me when I was about three (over 50 years ago!). 

4-If you could have any career, what would it be? (And it can’t be “author”.)
A full-time, year-round national park ranger.  How cool would that be?
5-Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset?
In theory I prefer a sunrise, but in reality I enjoy sunsets much more frequently than I do sunrises.  

6-What is the name of the protagonist in your work-in-progress?
Sparky.  The story is about a dog who's afraid of the water.

7-What’s your favorite word?
Besides, "chocolate," my favorite word is "discombobulated."  Sadly, I haven't yet figured out how to work it into a story. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Literary Dads - The Best and The Worst

Since I did a post for Mother's Day, my daughter insists I create a similar one for Father's Day. Equality is big in our house. If the kids are forced to share a doughnut rulers are involved in for precise cutting.

On with the list...

Best Game of Thrones Dad -- Walder Frey Vs. Ned Stark
You'd think that Ned Stark is the obvious winner. He loved his family, including his b@stard son, and they loved him. But Walter Frey slaughtered hundreds, including a would-be-king, all to preserve the honor of his ugly daughters.

Worst Game of Thrones Dad -- Tywin Lannister
 All his children hate him. He's managed to keep the family in power but Thanksgiving dinner is going to be very tense. (All conclusions based on Seasons 1, 2, 3 of HBO series. I haven't read the books yet.) 

Most Gullible Father --  Charlie Swan

A teenage boy is regularly sneaking into his daughter's room and he has no idea. He also doesn't know her best friend is a werewolf--a boy he's known his entire life. The flea collar the boy wore as a baby should have been a clue. 

Technically Not A Dad, But Still a Good Dad -- Ivan

Ivan, the silver back gorilla, really steps up when it counts. He puts a baby elephant's needs before his own. Like good dads do every day. 

Most Inconsistent Dad -- Rick Grimes
Sure, it's a difficult situation but he goes off the dead end when his son and baby need him. Luckily for Rick, it takes a village and he has one. At least for now.

Worst Dad Ever -- Jack Torrance
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy -- and a murderous father.
Here's Johnny! 

Best Dad Ever -- Atticus Finch
A true hero of a father. And his kids have really cool names.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


1.   Read Game of Thrones
2.   Read Game of Thrones
3.   Read Game of Thrones
4.   Read Game of Thrones
5.   Read Game of Thrones (There are five books in the series.)
(only 4 shown)

6.   Write George R.R. Martin fan mail/hate mail
7.   Don’t send letter to George R.R. Martin (unless he hurts Jon Snow)
8.   Watch Breaking Bad
9.   Watch Breaking Bad
10. Watch Breaking Bad
11. Watch Breaking Bad
12.  Watch Breaking Bad (There are five seasons.)
13.  Finish the first draft of my next YA novel. Tentatively called “Casualty.”
14.  Blog
15.  Attend a wedding

16.  Stick to the Special K diet for longer than 48 hours
17.  Find a diet that only lasts 36 hours
18.  Find an exercise plan that shows results in 36 hours
19.  Take the kids to the pool (Repeat)
20.  Put away our winter clothes and boots
21.  Go camping
22.  Eat s’mores
23.  Throw a Frisbee
24.  Cast a line
25.  Watch True Blood
26.  Watch The Killing
27.  Go to the beach
28.  Go to the library
29.  Teach 5-year-old to tie shoes
30.  Visit 2 states I’ve never visited
31.  Dig for dinosaur bones
32.  Hike
33.  Go to the farmers market
34.  Read 100 picture books that I haven’t read before
35.  Make a marketing plan for Dear Santasaurus
36.  Create a countdown to first day of school
37.  Wear sunblock
38.  Cook on the grill
39.  Clean out attic
40.  Take dogs for a walk (probably more than once)
41.  Actually try a recipe that I’ve Pinned
42.  Bunco Beach Week End!
43.  Write a non-fiction picture book
44.  Complain that it’s too hot
45.  Limit how much Disney TV the kids can watch
46.  See Despicable Me 2
47.  Step away from the computer (and the iPhone)
48.  Visit family
49.  Go to an amusement park
50.  Cheer at swim meets
51.  Learn how to use all the functions on my camera
52.  Make the girls practice multiplication facts
53.  Teach the kids how to do laundry
54.  Eat out less
55.  Watch Dexter
56.  Watch Dexter
57.  Watch Dexter (I think I’m only 3 seasons behind)
58.  Buy books
59.  Go to church
60.  Keep goldfish alive (how long do they live?)
61.  Try not to feed kids PB&J every day for lunch
62.  Avoid the annual July cold/flu
63.  Pack
64.  Unpack
65.  Laundry
66.  Repeat 63-65
67.  Repeat 66
68.  And repeat 66 one more time
69.  After I drop kids at Girl Scout camp, don’t let them see me do the happy dance as I walk to car
70.  Remember to send care packages to Girl Scout camp
71.  Have a picnic
72.  Go to the park early in the day before the slides get too hot
73.  Make time for date night with hubby
74.  Plan a girls night out
75.  Limit my Mocha Cookie Fraps intake (only 5 per week)
76.  Limit my Skinny Girl Margarita intake (one 1 per night)
77.  Try not to cry as I miss SCBWI conference in LA
78.  Give dogs a bath
79.  Give van a bath
80.  Arrange playdates (at other people’s houses)
81.  Meet all the new neighbors
82.  Watch new episodes of Phineas and Ferb
83.  Steal a day to write in silence (or at a crowded Starbucks—just out of the house)
84.  Put a few thousand miles on the van
85.  Buy new sunglasses
86.  Celebrate my birthday
87.  Celebrate my anniversary
88.  De-clutter (I’m thinking a drawer, nothing too taxing.)
89.  Maintain my high scores on Just Dance
90.  Stalk my favorite authors on twitter
91.  Go to a baseball game
92.  Watch fireworks
93.  Run through a sprinkler (in someone else’s yard)
94.  Eat fresh tomatoes
95.  Go Paleo (per husband’s request)
96.  Break in new flip-flops
97.  Finish last summer’s projects
98.  Teach kids that “bored” is a curse word in my world
99.   Eat ice-cream for dinner at least once
100. Enjoy the freedom of a slower schedule