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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Did Not Win the $600 Million Powerball

Sunday morning I woke to disappointment. I did not win the Powerball jackpot. Then there was another heap of disappointment when I learn that someone else did. (If no one had matched the numbers, the jackpot would have sailed past $1 billion. Wowzers!) And, as of right now, I’ve checked the family tree and I’m not related to anyone in Zephyrhills, Florida where the winning tickets was purchased.

But before all this heartbreak, my family and I did have fun imagining what we would do with the money. Here’s what we came up with.

1. Puppies! 
All three kids would get a puppy of their own. Of course, we’d get them from an animal shelter. We’d want to be charitable in our new found wealth.

2. World Travel! 
My husband would like to do this aboard a luxury cruise. Sounds good to me, because as a millionaire, I don’t plan on roughing it. We’d also need to hire tutors for the children because our traveling might interfere with the school year.

3. Job Growth! 
We’d hire tutors, as already mentioned, but we’d also need a cook and a cleaning staff. And knowing my children, we’d need to hire a dog walker. My husband, the marathon runner, wants to hire a personal trainer.  Good for him!

4. Give to Family! 
Sure, we’d give to family. Maybe not to everyone on our Christmas card list but at least to those who know I don’t have an “E” in my name.
5. The Cliché Millionaire To-Do List. 
We’d pay off our debts. We’d give to charity. We’d go on a shopping spree. We’d have at least 1 awesome week end in Vegas. We’d tell off a few people (kidding!).

6. Make Big Purchase! 
I read that large numbers of lotto winners buy car dealerships. (I’ve no idea where I read or heard this.) That would not be my family. Buying a car is a painful, depressing experience. My mom always said she’d buy a golf course. I don’t golf. So if I was going to make a big purchase/investment, I’d be the proud owner of a winery or a bookstore or a publishing house. With $600 million, I guess I could have all three.

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