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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Publishing Dreams

1.   To Find The Person Next to Me on the Plane is Reading My Book
This would be even better if I was sitting in first class. Or if I was going to Nice. Or if that person was Jon Stewart. Or Aaron Rodgers. Or Judy Bloom.

2.   To Have More Twitter Followers Than Followings
Not really a publishing dream. Just a goal in general. But every time I gain a new follower I add a new following. It’s a losing battle. Like when I exercise at the gym, I always get doughnuts on the way home.

3.   To Speak at a Writers Conference
This would honestly be very intimidating. I think I just want to be on a panel. I could handle a panel.

4.   To Have a Kid (that I’m not related to) Say That My Book is His Favorite
I’d probably start crying and attack the kid with a crushing hug.  He’d probably be scared for life. He may never read again and always have a fear of authors, bookstores, and libraries. And it would be all my fault.

5.   To Have A Serious Discussion With My Agent About Long term Career Goals
No jokes here. I need this.

6.   To Run A Contest For Aspiring Writers
I love FREE online contests and have even won some. It would be great to be on the other side. Sure, most of the entrants would be disappointed but contacting the winner would be an awesome feeling.

7.   To Have A Line at My Book Signing
How many people do you need to make a line? Two? Three? It doesn’t have to be around the block. A little line will do.

8.   To Publish So Many Books That I Run Out of People to Dedicate Them To
This could never happen. There is always someone to thank and the list grows. Even if I was as prolific as James Patterson, I’d still have people (and pets) to dedicate my work to.

9.  To Do School Visits Where the Kids Are Excited But Not Just Because They Are Missing Class
The kids in elementary school get excited over a fire drill. Still, I love working and talking with kids. Their honesty and creativity cannot be duplicated in adults.

10.   I’LL GO BIG HERE: To Walk The Red Carpet At A Movie Premier (Where the Movie is Based Upon a Book by Stacy McAnulty)
I’ve already got my dress picked out.

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