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Friday, April 11, 2014

Things I Learned Today: Siblings, Stomach Bug, & Leave the Couch Alone

Here's What I've Learned Today.

1. Yesterday was SIBLING DAY. Of course, I only learned this through Facebook and not until today. Happy belated sibling day to my brother and all my step siblings.
I'm the cute blond with the bad haircut.

2. You can catch the stomach bug over the phone. While not scientifically proven, this must be true. My 6 year old is home with the stomach bug. Two of our relatives had it first, but we haven't seen them (and they live 700 miles away). We've only talked to them on the phone. I don't think you can catch this virus from the Internet but I'd recommend Cloroxing your mouse and keyboard anyway.

3. Rearranging furniture always seems like a good idea until you break a toe. I didn't break a toe today--that was last year when I moved the couch--but I did move another couch, a bed, and a bookcase. The room is still a disaster and I don't have the energy to move it back.

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