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Monday, October 28, 2013

PiBoIdMo - I'm in!

I've finished the NaNoWriMo challenge 3 times, but this year I'm trying something different. PiBoWriMo, which stands for Picture Book Idea Month.

So I'm taking the oath...
I do solemnly swear
that I will faithfully execute
the PiBoIdMo 30-ideas-in-30-days challenge,
and will, to the best of my ability,
parlay my ideas into
picture book manuscripts
throughout the year.

This should be fun. I'm cracking open a new Moleskin notebook for the occasion. Usually, I have no problem coming up with ideas. (I find the implementing to be the hard part.) But 30 fresh, original, awesome ideas during a single month might push me to my limit. Plus I'm going to be cooking a turkey during that time. (Not to mention promoting my picture book, Dear Santasaurus.)

I'm tired already.

If you want to join in all the craziness, visit the website for registration and information. (There are prizes!)

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