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Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Book Tour

Okay... it's NOT really a book tour. More of a book vacation. I took DEAR SANTASAURUS with me and my family to Montana and Wyoming.

Here's DS outside of Glacier National Park.

DS enjoying the view at Grinnell Lake.

DS taking a rest.

DS at a roadside museum in Montana. The people at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center were amazing--fun and informative.

DS at the Museum of the Rockies. They have more t-rex bones then anywhere else on earth.

DS watching dino fossils getting cleaned.

DS with t-rex skull fossils. The museum didn't have any spinosaurus fossils on display.

The family at a real dinosaur dig in Thermopolis, WY.  DS stayed in his backpack. He was afraid of the rattle snakes (Yes, we saw one!) and the scorpions (Luckily, we didn't see any of those.).

DS had a great trip! Now DS would love to go on a book tour in Paris.

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