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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Literary Dads - The Best and The Worst

Since I did a post for Mother's Day, my daughter insists I create a similar one for Father's Day. Equality is big in our house. If the kids are forced to share a doughnut rulers are involved in for precise cutting.

On with the list...

Best Game of Thrones Dad -- Walder Frey Vs. Ned Stark
You'd think that Ned Stark is the obvious winner. He loved his family, including his b@stard son, and they loved him. But Walter Frey slaughtered hundreds, including a would-be-king, all to preserve the honor of his ugly daughters.

Worst Game of Thrones Dad -- Tywin Lannister
 All his children hate him. He's managed to keep the family in power but Thanksgiving dinner is going to be very tense. (All conclusions based on Seasons 1, 2, 3 of HBO series. I haven't read the books yet.) 

Most Gullible Father --  Charlie Swan

A teenage boy is regularly sneaking into his daughter's room and he has no idea. He also doesn't know her best friend is a werewolf--a boy he's known his entire life. The flea collar the boy wore as a baby should have been a clue. 

Technically Not A Dad, But Still a Good Dad -- Ivan

Ivan, the silver back gorilla, really steps up when it counts. He puts a baby elephant's needs before his own. Like good dads do every day. 

Most Inconsistent Dad -- Rick Grimes
Sure, it's a difficult situation but he goes off the dead end when his son and baby need him. Luckily for Rick, it takes a village and he has one. At least for now.

Worst Dad Ever -- Jack Torrance
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy -- and a murderous father.
Here's Johnny! 

Best Dad Ever -- Atticus Finch
A true hero of a father. And his kids have really cool names.

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